Discover what NEW HERC is currently working on and see upcoming project information

Active Projects – 2019

Cyber security Mitigation and Preparedness

Implement NEW HERC Response Plan – Develop Regional Medical Coordination

Update NEW HERC Communications Plan

Communications Training (WITRAC and WISCOM)

Create NEW HERC Training and Exercise Committee

Partner with additional CMS provider types

Future Projects – 2020

Highly Infectious/Communicable Disease Preparedness

Create Multi Year Training and Exercise Plan (MYTEP)

Partner with additional CMS provider types

Create NEW HERC Strategic Plan

Evacuation Training

emPower Map Training

Regional Public Health Led Tabletop Exercise

Coalition Surge Test – Rural Hospitals

Continue to develop Regional Medical Coordination

Communications Training (WITRAC and WISCOM)

Past Projects 2018/2019

Created regional Hazard and Vulnerability Analysis (HVA)

Created regional Healthcare Coalition Response Plan

Updated regional MCI Trailers

Finished hospital powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) updates

Completed Active Shooter and Active Threat Training and Exercises